Epsom Organico

After moving to Surrey, one of the things I did notice was that there weren't as many Vegan options when we went to eat out. So I almost always stuck to the usual chain restaurants.

It was only by chance that I stumbled upon this absolute gem and it is 100% our go-to place for hearty and healthy Vegan grub. 

Located right beside The Ashley Centre, it is most definitely one of those joints that will make you have peep. Well that is how I discovered this anyway and boy am I happy i walked past with Juno

Mediterranean inspired, the food is really vibrant & reminds me of the cafes in Dubai. I love the vibe this cafe has. They are welcoming and so child friendly too. They have a little outdoor seating area for those days when the sun shines bright on us.

They also sell some seriously yummy ingredients and products you will love for the pantry. Ranging from my favourite PB, ManiLife to fresh organic Medjool dates, Turmeric and tonnes of yummy olives too. I have to hold myself back and not spend the council tax money in there ha ha. NO JOKE!

So let's talk food. Both Juno and I are massive advocates of their Spinach Flatbread which comes with a huge portion of side salad (Pictured above) . So this plate is for those that love to Eat Rainbows. Looking for a hearty meal packed with incredible amount of nutrition? This is it! 

It's well seasoned and nothing over powers the rest of the ingredients either. When a 3 year old tells you that its his favourite "pizza" ever. You know its yummy! 

My firm favourite is the Avocado + Hummous flatbread with roast veg salad and I would highly recommend this for those that aren't very adventurous. It's simple yet really yummy.  I always order a Mango Lassi with it too which has Coconut Milk, Mangoes, Dates and I believe another superfood ingredient I cannot remember for the life of me. 

Their menu is so colourful. Every time we visit I want to order everything on their breakfast menu too. They have an excellent juice selection for Immunity boosting + Detox + Energy juices. Name it they have it and if they don't they will make it for you with a huge smile! And that is what I love about Epsom Organico. 

The breakfast bowls are drool worthy. I mean look at it!!! This one is a coconut yogurt with vegan granola, oats and lots of fruits and flower petals! I could totally smash 10 of these in a go! They nailed it for the vegans really and I truly appreciate that. 

They have a new vegan menu that has just landed and I totally cannot wait to try everything out. Their food is tasty, prepared with passion and really healthy too.  

I love bringing my family here on a Sunday for coffee and brunch. The feeling of a satisfied belly is out of this world and they do not disappoint. When friends want to come see me and hang, I always recommend taking them here for a quick bite and a lounge. 

The owner and his staff are such a lovely bunch and it shows through the food they create as a team.

We always leave there smiling and laughing, which is what we as a family look for when we eat out. And of course being so reasonably priced is just a bonus!

IF you are ever in Epsom, you must visit Organico and taste their grub. Don't forget to grab a coffee to go too because they are ON POINT! 

After writing this post I am ready to head over to Organico for an Acai Bowl and a coffee ha ha