For The Kids- Sweet Potato Pancakes

I love an accidental recipe! 

Most of my recipes are an adventure of my mind. Grab this, a bit of that, a splash of this and a dash of that. 

A beautiful mess

Sweet Potatoes are pretty versatile and growing up we would use it to make a tonne of different dishes. 

Sweet Potato Sambar

Sweet Potato Sauté with turmeric and various other spices

Steamed Sweet Potatoes on its own 


I find myself reaching for this beauty when making smoothies, porridge and now PANCAKES!

Sweet Potatoes are rich in ANTIOXIDANTS & fibre.


Right now I will create anything and everything to get those Vitamins and Nutrients into Juno. He is going through a " I will eat when and what I feel like" phase which means he doesn't touch any of the food I am right now making. 

So if you are going through the same, this is a great way to mask the goodness in the name of pancakes but they are still loaded with the good good. 


1 1/2 Cup Buckwheat Flour

1 Cup Dairy Free Milk of Choice

1/2  Cup Ripe Bananas, Mashed Up

Handful Frozen Blueberries ( Optional) 

1/2 Cup Steamed & Mashed Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes ( Marinate the sweet potatoes in Cinnamon for about 10 mins before you steam) 

1 Tspn Baking Powder

Coconut Oil ( Optional ) 

Pinch of Pink Salt 

Maple Syrup or Sweetener is Optional as there will be plenty of sweetness from the Bananas & Sweet Potatoes

This batter should make about 6-7 medium sized pancakes and about 10 baby pancakes. 


1. Add all the above ingredients together and give it a good but gentle mix till its reached a sloppy batter consistency. You DO NOT want to over mix.

2. In a medium- hot pan, spoon the amount you want and give each side 2 mins.

3. Do not flip when the pancake is too flimsy because this will cause it to break! 

Serve with a drizzle of Maple Syrup and toppings of your choice! 

I went with Pumpkin Seeds and Hemp. Kept it simple because you do not want to take away from the sweet potatoes and did not want my child questions all the ingredients shoved in his face. 

If any of you try this out, shout me on Insta using #lifeinsatiable

Have a wicked week ahead