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The Lactation Smoothie Series

One of those things I dreaded the first time around because it was more LACK- Tation then anything. Truth be told, like every first time mother I had no clue and the guidance/ help just wasn't there. So I panicked. The more I stressed, the less I produced. It was as simple in my Breastfeeding journey. I spoke to my Health Visitor, the Midwives ( who weren't as helpful as I thought they would be apart from handing me a breast pump contraption with an instruction manual on the second day after having baby) and the Postnatal Nurse who told me to keep trying.

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Sweet & Spicy Gingerbread Porridge

Namaste everyone. Before I even get into the recipe, massive massive apologies for not have posted this on my blog. Do not ask me why I thought I had already shared this with you. Literally cannot even think of a reason other than I simply forgot and I want to apologise for it.

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Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hey beautiful souls. Hope we are all having the most amazing day. Gosh it's super windy out this afternoon where we are but the sun is still shining through.

I definitely fancy a hot chocolate and a book to read seeing as I have a new video uploaded to YouTube. If you could spare a moment to go and have a look. It would mean so much to me.

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