Purezza, Brighton

We, as a family are huge fans of Brighton and the plan in the future is to buy a little place by the seaside. 

It's colourful, it's eccentric, it's fun & it's bloody yummy! The vegan scene in Brighton is so ridiculously enticing and there are tonnes of great Vegan joints to chose from.

We headed to Purezza and that particular day all of us fancied Pizza. So it all just came together beautifully. 

Purezza opened its doors in the year 2015 as the first PLANTBASED PIZZERIA IN UK! And this I did not know. I loved the whole vibe in there. The decor is pretty laid back which is what you want when you have an almost 4 year old in tow. 

I couldn't take my eyes off the wood-fired oven which stood out to me as soon as I walked in. I absolutely detest this word but it is the only way I can explain the smell that comes out of a wood-fired oven; RUSTIC.

I was incredibly excited when I saw their menu because it just did not look like the basic Pizza Joints. It was innovative and has this crazy edge to it. Ingredients that one would normally not associate with Pizza! 

Apart from Pizzas they also do a selection of Rawfood, Pasta, Burgers & Desserts too. But we wanted Pizza!!

Their Pizzas are all made with either Sourdough, Hemp Flour and GF options are also available. 

The one thing I did not ask for which in hind sight was V silly of me, was if they did Half & Half. That would have allowed to me try a couple more Pizza options on the menu. Or am I being totally greedy now? ha ha

And DID I MENTION KIDS EAT FREE? Now that alone is winning for us. 


So lets talk about the food! When we eat out as a family, we are looking for a few things in terms of the menu. Really decent grub that isn't TRYING TOO HARD. And Purezza does exactly that. 

I went for the the VULCANO which is the Sourdough Pizza with Roasted Aubergine, green chilli peppers, sweetcorn red onions & SRIRACHA SAUCE DRIZZLED ALL OVER! 

It was explosive. That is all I can describe it as. All those flavours worked so well together and unbelievably fresh. I also ordered the Vegan Mayo & Pesto Dip which were alright and would have probably worked better with the burgers if I am honest. So really it was my misplacement of orders ha ha. 

Jon went for the Portobello Road which is a portobello mushroom, sundries tomato and rocket leaves topped with a portobello mushroom sauce.  This one is such a simple combo for a pizza which is what I really liked about. 

Both Pizzas were a good size so an individual pizza is more than sufficient for on person. 

The staff were so amazing and really made themselves available to talk through the menu, giving suggestions and gave us a little info on how they started etc. Which I really appreciate.