New Year, Same Me- Switching Things Up

Happy 2018 Guys!

Honestly I did not think I would get to writing this post this month at all. Time has been BUSY to say the least. 

vBut I am here now and so excited to be writing this post. 

So of course a lot of people are incredibly excited about the new year, making goals and resolutions and ticking them off that list as they go along.

And then there are some that aren't looking forward to the new year and have a lot of challenges and hurdles to address. I lie in-between. So let's all send some light to those that need extra good energy and a tonne of love.

I am Happy. Truly am. Hand on heart happy. 

Something has definitely switched up there and I feel incredibly content with who I am. Usually that is my battle! So a massive sigh of relief on my 35th Birthday was had. I gave myself a huge fucking hug and just stayed there. It was like a 1 minute hand to back stretch but with the sole purpose of giving props to the self. 

So this year guys, I am adding on to that and keeping it simple. I say simple but what I have planned for the year will be an on going lifestyle adjustment. 

This has been tailored to suit the life we as a family are living now. 

Very carefully curated this list was. 

1. Zero Waste Living

This is a huge problem guys! And it is getting bigger by the day. If we do not take responsibility to cut down on everything we consume; it not only hinders the wallet but burns a huge hole in our planet, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT? WHAT ARE WE LEAVING OUR KIDS? 

I really really have to shout out the MINIMALIST CHALLENGE I did during the month of November. This not only made me mindful of what is really required but also to reuse what I have & created so much awareness of my own consuming habits. 

So a few things I have already started on is cutting out disposables. So the straws, party spoons and plates have now gone ( as in not being bought) and been replaced with stainless steele straws which by the way are incredible when you use them in smoothies and juices. 

Another thing we have been doing is, using any containers we have lying around for extra storage. This habit has been instilled in us by our parents. As kids, whenever we bought a tub of anything be it ice-cream or a box of dates, that container was immediately in queue for storing things like lentils, chickpeas or rice. Standardly. 

It is common practice in any south asian household. Any container becomes a storage device ha ha.

So next up are the things I will be applying into our lives like packing lunches when we head out and reusing sandwich bags we already have. 

Taking my own bags when I go shopping is something I keep telling myself to do. 

Being mindful when we are eating out. Forget about asking for the plastic straws and spoons. Take your own. 

And this one which I thought would be the toughest. Shopping for clothes. Don't get me wrong. I love playing dress up. Its something that makes me feel incredible! Fashion has always been an area I will constantly be drawn to. But here is where I am making a change. 

Quality Over Quantity. Investing in one quality piece of clothing that will not cost the earth. A great winter jacket ( Vegan of course), Good pair of jeans etc. Take care of those pieces and they will last you a life time! And you will not be adding to the landfill or supporting fast fashion and its unethical work ethos!!

This is me ADULTING!

2. Work Life

Where do I even start with this one? This is going to be a bit of a real one. Right from the bottom of my gut! 

For a whole 3 or so years since Juno, all I have known to be (to me) is a Mother. The only role I feel I have played for the past 4 years. And I hope I have done a decent job. and now with Agni too & its a total privilege. 

Yes I have told myself so many times. "Aj send that job application" "Aj send that CV" "Get in touch with former work places to see if they have any opportunities". After each of those sentences were done in my head, a surge of guilt swept me in the gut! And THAT was the one feeling I just could NOT deal with. 

But I am really really really ready to extend my role and create something incredible and showcase my skills with this platform I now have. 

So blogging as a full-time job? Good god I have no clue where to start but FUCK IT what is the worst that can happen right? 

I am guessing I put out decent content interms of words, visuals and the content itself ( PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG). 

There are so many wonderful brands I would love to work with that share my vision and ethos. So my content will still unapologetically be authentic. 

BUT IN ALL HONESTY MAMA NEEDS TO GET PAID!! C'mon don't we all want to do what we love and get rewarded for it?! 

So here is to making this a career and smashing it!! 

3. Fitness Journey 

Ah well. I am now 4 Months Postpartum and only just about ready to gently get back on the mat. Time & Energy is what I am struggling with. At first I kept telling myself " Aj you got to make the time" but that was me being super unrealistic with myself. 

So in all honesty, the last 4 months have been incredible. We have enjoyed everyday as a family of FOUR and being grateful is an understatement. We say THANK YOU about a million times a day. 

I do have a fitness plan. It is a slow journey to my goal. I do not have a goal weight I want to be but I do want to give my body a lot of care. Self-Care. 

Yoga is my first port of call. Get my body stretching.

My body has gone through an incredible transition from growing a baby, pushing her out, caring for the baby whilst trying to rebuild herself. So taking it nice & slow is the mantra. I have accepted that my body is not what it was pre-pregnancy and this is the restorative phase to work on getting her healthier & stronger. 

My main concentration will be getting that CORE stronger for over all balance! 

Ofcourse I will keep you all updated on that and no doubt I will be going into beastmode soon. 


4. Getting Behind The Wheel 

Oh this little hiccup I need to have sorted out years ago!

Fear of Driving. My worst enemy and to be honest I hate that I have let that fear take over my life. The one thing that has held me back from achieving so much and I am at a point where you know what ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

You know how they say, if something scares you; do it anyway? Yup. This is what scares me the most and it is so silly because I actually can drive. And bloody good at it too. 

I drive back home and wonder if its because I am a mother that this new instilled fear has come to actually bite me in the ass. 

Everyone I know, supports me so much. Always boosting me with the " You got this babe" 

"You will smash it" "Don't worry Aj you will pass" But I just don't see it because of the stupid fear.

Being Tied Down with those wire cables is what it feels like! And it is muchos frustrating because my productivity levels are being harmed. And out goes my confidence too. It makes my gut go weird and sad. I cannot have that!

I have never had a traumatic incident when it comes to driving because, wait a minute I AM A GOOD DRIVER. BUT YET WHEN I GET TO THAT TEST CENTRE AND GO FOR THAT DRIVE. I COME BACK WITH MINORS AND A FAIL! The nerves get me good and I AM SO DONE WITH IT GUYS!

I am getting behind the wheel ASAP and driving to pick my son up from nursery, go for a drive with music on and share that responsibility with the hubby!! This will truly complete me 100% .

Right so there you go! I have been wanting to write this post for weeks but I just haven't been in the headspace to get the words down. This post is so close to my heart because all my intentions for the year are out there for everyone to see and hopefully not judge. 

Another ongoing goal is to be happier and kinder. Be present and spend a lot more time with the people I love. 

Wishing you all an incredible new year!