I Cook Because I Care

Let's think about this for a moment.

My journey with cooking has been up and down. The relationship I share with cooking is one of love & not so much love. Because hate is not a great word at all.

My first ever meal, on my own was a bread roll for my parents anniversary that both my sister and I treated them with and THAT was so so awful. 

The next meal was when I cooked for my hubby, my then man friend was a simple spaghetti OVERCOOKED with a blob of butter and Indian Pickle. Please do not ask me why this combination or even JUST WHY? I cannot think of a logical explanation.

But as I stand today, my relationship with cooking is majorly sexy. 


It is that simple. 

I am no chef I tell you that. My knife work sucks and I am not one of your more refined recipe creators. Whatever you want to call that. 

But again I cook, because I care.

Don't get me wrong I bloody love a good meal out. 


Cooking is also my way of selfcare. Especially as a new mother again and this time around; a breastfeeding one at that. It is essential that I get in as much nutrition as I possibly can and keeping food exciting is the goal. 

Here is my thought process on why I prefer cooking rather than eating out

I Know What I Am Getting

With everything. When I cook I know exactly what I will get. There is nothing more to it really.

I know the oil & salt content that goes into each meal, along with a good hearty portion of nutritious ingredients.

Get The Children Involved

I grab my eldest, aged almost 4 to grab ingredients he wants in his meals and it works out so much easier. It saves my thinking time for him ha ha.

True Story.

Juno tells me what he wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner and getting him involved gives both of us a sense of team work and teaches him his veg & fruit too. 

Feeling Complete

Aah that feeling. Apologies as I have no words to describe the way I feel but COMPLETE & CONTENT.

I don't know about you lot, but when we go out for a meal; I am always hungry 30 mins after. It's now cost us £70 and all of us are back home rummaging the fridge to cook up something else.

A slap up meal at home for us is my CHOLE MASALA (COMING SOON) and Rotiyan with some Indian Pickle. It's a family favourite and I reckon I could make this anywhere on Earth. 

That is the kind of meal I'm down with. Something you can make in Jupiter too!

ha ha

Get Creative


I grab ingredients from the fridge or when I go grocery shopping and just play! The kitchen is my space to have a good trial and error of what works with what to make something amazing.

Get as creative as you can because NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU for a dish that has Roasted Garlic + Jaggery +Kidney Beans in the oven!

I love experimenting and when you are cooking at home, you can always use your friends and family as guinea pigs!







Cooking is my kinda SELFCARE
— Aj Teidy