Celebrating 9 Years

Jon & I celebrate 9 years of being married & what a whirlwind it has been.

I had just secretly moved into his "bachelor" pad, yeah I know cramped his style big time ha ha

And one evening after a few too many, we made a very pragmatic decision of getting hitched while cooking a random dinner of beans & toast.

So that was that! There was no getting down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower or a candlelit dinner with the ring in the champagne glass! Honestly that, is a total health hazard and second both Jon & I were working 7 days a week. He had just started his business and I was working two jobs during the week and a third over the weekend. So LIFE was a hustle. 

“Do what you gotta do babe. I’m right beside you”
— Aj Teidy

This is going to be hella cheesey but amidst all the chaos, we were each others calm. 

Awwww I know but it hasn't been without its challenges



Be vocal about everything! The way I look at it is that this person is going to be your best mate forever. So Vocalize!

Believe me this took me a while to get used to.

My husband and I, in so many ways are polar opposites & communication used to be one of those things.

He is extremely vocal about everything, me not so much. But learnt quickly that, not being vocal about ish is not the way forward at all. 

I wanted him to know what I was thinking. What I visualised and the person I wanted to be everyday.

And, not floating my boat but HE listened. He still does and one of our first ever "sleep overs"

( sorry mom) we talked till the break of dawn ha ha

So tell each other everything, as honestly as you possibly can.

What your plans are? Why you think we should do certain things? How you feel? Even if it will make them or you feel uncomfortable about issues you don't want to talk about. Tell them you love them and miss them even if they are in the next bloody bedroom. Yup, get soppy man. Life is too short not to!


I mean why wouldn't you? 

So after having Juno and loving the first 3 months of being a new mom, I went through something that did not make me like myself too much.

We would wake up, feed the baby and Jon would be off to work. Sometimes going for networking events as he was still growing his business. The occasional Gala dinners for new business opportunities and he was excited about it.

Me. not so much. Why? Because I am still in that bathrobe from the morning; not having had the opportunity to have a shower. My hair out of place, still holding a baby who hated being put down. I envied him and wished I was the one that was out there having adult conversation + a glass of something really yummy. 


That is just not me, AT ALL. 

Roll on 6 months posts baby, we fell apart because we would spend a handful of hours during the day together before he has to head to work again. Emotionally and mentally drained, our relationship did not feel like HOME.

This really shook me and I had to quickly check myself. And that checklist was

What is all this for? Family

Who are we doing all this for? Family

Why are we doing this for? Family

And that swiftly also gave me what I love doing and that is being a creative. 

Today, the both of us know and stand by the mantra

"Do what you gotta do babe. I'm right beside you"

Through all the struggles, adventures and happiness.

Explore Together

Our absolute favourite things to do! Exploring together.

Hand on heart, my husband is my favourite travelling buddy. Patience is just one of those reasons. He has mastered this art like a pro!

 Last year, we went on one of the most amazing travel adventures. It was the most entertaining month of our lives!

It was filled with laughter, arguments, appreciation and tonnes of learning about each other too. We grew exponentially just exploring every city we went to. Learning cultures, sharing those experiences and telling the kids our stories too. 

Surprise Each Other

The both of us are massive foodies so its so easy to make us happy!

I constantly try and make him his favourite dish with is hands down Daal & Roti.

I might be slightly complicated ha ha so he always surprises me with a big bunch of Lilies.

And believe it or not, we send each other a copy of an old email from when we were still dating and laugh about it!

It doesn't have to be about Chanel bags & a Breitling. Just saying....