Dairy Free Yogurt Bark

This incredibly easy and delish sweet treat is exactly what has been needed for these beautiful spring morning at ours!

One day let me feed the world Universe. 

I loved creating this with Juno. It's all fun & games. There is no method to this madness. 



Get yourself a tub of dairy free Yogurt of your choice. I went for Koko Dairy Free Yogurt

Choice of fruits, we went with whatever we had left in our freezer. 


1. In a flat dish of your choice, this could be a mini loaf tin or a cheese cake tin or even a little take away container with a flat surface.

2. Pour the desired amount of yogurt into the dish and flatten it out but make sure it is thick enough to become a solid piece

3. The fun part. DECORATE! Chuck all the fruits over it 

4. Freeze for a couple of hours

How ridiculously simple is that! 

And now you have a treat for the entire family to feast on. 

You can use these Yogurt Barks as a pudding topper or chuck into your smoothies!

So pleased with this one!

Bonus Recipe 

This one is for the adults that like a cheeky tipple. MALIBU

2 Tablespoons of Malibu into the Yogurt Mixture. If it gets a bit too runny add in a but more yogurt to get it back to a gloopy consistency so it freezes beautifully.

You are most welcome gang!

See you in the next post peeps!