Grateful 2018, Hello 2019!


Well It has been a hot minute since I have even had a glance at this space since Agni’s 6 Month Breastfeeding Update!

The answer is pretty simple. Motherhood and everything that comes with it. Life got crazy.

And I struggled to cope with a lot of what was happening internally and externally. Really I am okay with that.

We had a baby.

Bought a House.

Did a complete renovation of the house whilst living back in London with our inlaws.

But that was just both babies and me.

Focused over the spring on my Driving Lessons and PASSED IT!

Enrolled Juno in Reception

Went on at the most wonderful holiday to Lithuania and Italy which ended with Juno in ICU fighting for his life. Which I will one day bravely talk about.

Agni is still on the Boob.

Went to a bunch of fun events and met a tonne of fun people!

My fitness and yoga along with everything I had planned for 2018 got put on hold because Agni needed Mama Time 24/7, which then brought about SLOW DAYS. Simmering pots of coffee, social media break and spending an incredible amounts of time with family outdoors and reflecting on the year 2018 with a heart full of gratitude!

So we did things like this

The Priory Park- Reigate
Capturing Delicious Food
On Top Of the Brighton
Agni Growing Up!

For 2019 It’s

Love More

Laugh More

Do More

Hope you all had the most wonderful holiday season and a really incredible start to the year.

And if it hasn’t been that way, I hope you are well.

Sending everyone copious amounts of light!